100% Authentic Hitachi ®Magic Wand Rechargeable


Enjoy the new & updated version of the Original Magic Wand® massager that has been trusted for over 30 years! Thanks to its cordless convenience, you can now bring the legendary power anywhere you go. The Authentic Magic Wand® Rechargeable is truly the next generation of massage wands.

  Authenticity 100% Guaranteed
  Discreet Packaging & Billing
  Charge time: 3 hour for full charge
  4 vibration patterns, 4 power intensities

Legendary ®Magic Wand – Now Rechargeable & Cordless

The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, has been one of the best selling massagers for over 3o years. Today, there is an even more convenient choice for lovers of the Magic Wand: The Magic Wand Rechargeable. This is a cordless version that offers the freedom to enjoy the Magic Wand almost anywhere, anytime. The Magic Wand Rechargeable pleases with the same, strong, penetrating vibrations as the Original and features a silicone head, 4 intensity levels and 4 great vibration patterns. The Magic Wand Rechargeable comes with its own charging adapter and a 6ft cord. This massager can be used both cordless and plugged in (“plug-and-play”).

Avoid the Fakes! Trust Only the Hitachi ®Magic Wand.

With the huge popularity of the ®Magic Wand comes a huge number of counterfeits & imitations, even found on Amazon. Before you go out and buy the cheapest product you find, remember to BEWARE OF FAKES from these authorized retailers. These knock-offs look identical and even sometimes have the Magic Wand branding, but have weak vibrations and come with no warranty. Don’t be a victim and disappointed! It’s definitely worth the extra money to get the real thing and a fee 1-year warranty. You will be glad you did!

Buy direct from the official site and be certain you are getting a 100% Authentic product…Guaranteed.

Trusted For Over 30 Years!

Known as the Cadillac of Vibrators, the Hitachi Magic wand is a pleasure tool of legendary proportions and has a loyal following for over 30 years. Try the soft, rounded head on your aching muscles or lower the lights and experience more intimate pleasures – the Magic Wand never fails to satisfy! Ease and relieve tense muscles with the Magic Wand HV-270 Rechargeable. It pleases with the same, strong, penetrating vibrations as the Original, and comes with a silicone head, four intensity levels and four great vibration patterns.


Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 10 cm
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111 reviews for 100% Authentic Hitachi ®Magic Wand Rechargeable

  • We have a corded one as backup, but the silicone head and the speed controls on the cordless are far better.

  • I’ve had this wand for over 3 years now, and it still works like it did when I first got it.

  • It’s a premium price for a premium device. There are times when it makes sense to go “generic” and there are times when the original article is the real deal. The magic wand is one of the latter.

  • Worth every penny for the joy that it brings

  • Wife and I are absolutely happy with this and it totally lived up to the hype! Orgasm in a matter of minutes for her and I love it!

  • Just the best product on the market. It is expensive, but worth every penny!

  • Great programs, variable speeds and it’s quiet. Better than the first model. And doesn’t over heat even after 30 min of being on. Love it

  • Excellent product. Well made. Heavy duty. Tons of power

  • This is the third magic wand my wife has owned and by far the best!

  • It’s a wonderful and capable massager and you can use it plugged in too! So happy I bought it!

  • Hell yes must buy as a gift or anything for that matter my wife is obsessed with this thing

  • I bought my wife this from all the reviews but was concerned that she would just think it was another sex toy for the drawer. After I used it on her and she caught her breath she said( I don’t know what you payed for that but it is worth every penny)

  • GF absolutely loves it. We originally had the corded model but this has more setting and is more convenient. Same power as corded model.

  • The battery has lasted a long time so far I have only charged it once and it has yet to run out on me. It also has a much softer head on it that is easier to clean.

  • This is a great addition to the toy box. Works great and very powerful. We take it on road trips, UTV rides and picnics incase of emergency(if you get the drift). Just charge it up and GO. My lady loves it!!!!

  • Went with the rechargeable because it is more powerful than the plug-in original.

  • So far very happy with the purchase. Product seems well made and the motor is plenty strong but not too noisy.

  • An absolutely great buy with it being cordless.

  • This may cost more… But it will save you the trouble of buying a new massager due to knockoff battery over charge short circuiting massager failure.

  • My girlfriend loves it. Its her new best friend.

  • My girlfriend uses it almost daily, at first she said the modes were too intense, but she later changed her mind!

  • Absolutely adore this. I loved the original model and this is even better. A charge last for a long time, which is awesome too.

  • Just as good as the one I bought 25 years ago!

  • The real thing. Not a knock off brand.

  • If you need it you know you will love it. Great cordless freedom, powerful and very useful.

  • Awesome. What an upgrade to the previous model. Top of the line for sure. You want a real good massage this is it. Highly recommended.

  • Quiet and powerful……everything the corded version has and more setting…..perfect orgasm !!

  • It’s as simple as that, really. Multiple speed settings and the highest setting is pow-er-ful! Multiple vibration intervals in addition to constant vibe. An great line of add-on toy parts.

  • LOVE this wand and highly recommend purchasing it. It is expensive but it is well worth it. I am glad I opted for the rechargeable even though it costs more. Very good quality. I hope it lasts a long time!

  • Heard a lot about this product…….She won’t be dissapointed!

  • Works amazing. Still my favorite despite trying other, cheaper, toys that are similar

  • Best purchase ever. No joke.

  • The wifey loves this thing. Quick intense orgasms. What more could you ask for.

  • Get this for your special lady! She will enjoy it over and over again! The charge lasts more than long enough and it doesn’t get hot! This wand truly is magic.

  • Authentic and performs well as expected. What more could I want? 🙂

  • Just as strong as the one with the cord, but not quite as loud.

  • Better than the wired version in every way. Don’t think about it. Just get it. It will improve your very life. And that is no exaggeration.

  • Exactly what I wanted. Best birthday present ever! It holds a charge really well 🙂

  • Much much better than the corded ones in all respects!!! Four speeds and four rhythms rather than just 2 speeds. Can be used with or without the cord and holds a charge for a long time.

  • I bought this for my girlfriend, she is in awe of it and cannot get enough of it. She loves it. Best birthday present by far.

  • Huge upgrade from the corded version! love the variations. The head is much softer and easier to clean than the corded version.

  • Absolutely wonderful! Worth the money! It’s so nice having a cordless device! Very very powerful!!!

  • Better than the original Hitachi. First, its quieter. Second, the battery life is amazing!!

  • Even tho it’s wireless its very strong. Maybe a little loud but it’s a very good product.

  • Stays charged for a long time, plus it runs while plugged in, just in case you forget to charge it.

  • Do not waste time with other products. This is the one you want.

  • Finally the Magic Wand without the cord. I have been waiting for this forever. Thanks!! I love this product. It can be a bit loud, but who cares. This works!!!

  • Great massage wand that you do not have to struggle with a cord. Doesn’t take very long to charge and is super easy to use.

  • OMG Everyone should have one of these in there toy bag.

  • My girl loves this thing. She still can’t handle the highest speed though.

  • I like a variety of different types of simulators! This is the first of many vibrators I’ve bought over the years that delivered in minutes!

  • Works for ALL intentions and purposes perfectly. Only downside is how loud it is.

  • As powerful as the classic plugin and the patterns are wonderful!

  • 5 stars so far. Very powerful. I was surprised how long this thing stays charged. Used for massages and other recreational activities.

  • Make sure you buy this from a reliable seller. Be careful not to buy from China. They are producing Knock Off’s and selling on Amazon.

  • I must say this one is well worth the extra money. The wireless feature is so much better and it is worth it for that reason just alone. No more trying to get it plugged in at the spur of the moment and trying to make sure the cord reaches. 

  • I think my wife will marry this damn thing if she can. She squirts each and every time with this. Just AMAZING!!!

  • Definitely works as advertised. Worth the extra money for the cordless version.

  • This is the real magic wand. Best price I could find.

  • My wife had the strongest orgasm ever. In a way it was good but it also felt bad because she didn’t experience anything like this with normal sex or other expensive sex toys.

  • Most powerful tool I’ve found that’s cordless and flexible and truly, cordless is my go-to.

  • So the way I approach this is by looking at how pleasing the experience is and that’s a definite YES, we like it! Strong enough, we only use one setting but it does the job well.

  • No other adult toy comes close to this thing. Powerful vibrations. Usable while plugged in so it never runs out of power. Durable, easy to clean. Mine has been through over a hundred hours of use and it still works as good as new.

  • I got this for my girl friend and she likes the feel and uses it all of the time when she masturbates.

  • Extremely universal! Great for every achy muscle and or pleasing! Cordless is the way to go and you can use it even when charging!!

  • This thing is heaven sent!!! Just buy it I promise you. It’s given me life changing orgasms that I’ve never thought were even possible. It’s also strong enough to power a whole city.

  • This thing is… amazing. Totally lives up to the hype.

  • This is a surprise purchase for my wife. I kept reading reviews so I grabbed it for a good price and it’s the legit Hitachi.

  • Listen, throw any doubt out the window and just buy this thing!

  • I have a counterfeit to compare it to and can say with certainty this is the real deal.

  • I have only used the product twice so I won’t comment on its durability. In terms of power this product is the Rolls Royce of vibrators and massagers. I highly recommend it.

  • This is perfect, was afraid it’ll be a fake. It works perfectly. Very powerful and has a great quality feel to your hand. Super soft rubber head.

  • Gf loves it. The unique vibration settings really make it. Glad I spent a lil extra, was worth it.

  • Girlfriend has a lot of toys, this is her absolute favorite.

  • Very powerful massager that gets the job done quickly!

  • There are many similar looking products so select carefully. I definitely recommend this product.

  • Took a chance on this model due to it being about 3 times more expensive than most of the other magic wands for sale, leading me to trust that I wouldn’t be getting a cheap knockoff and I’m not disappointed at all in the quality. Legit product!

  • High quality, worth the peace of mind to get the real thing by spending more. Love it. Nice sturdy cord for plugged in use.

  • Best upgrade to the original hitachi.

  • Was worried about spending this much…but it’s worth it! My girl can only take the lowest speed unfortunately but she loves it and it has brought us closer.

  • The product speaks volumes for itself by name alone. Being rechargeable helps because you are not fighting with cords. An absolute powerhouse! No issues holding a charge.

  • It’s quiet, chargeable and you can use it with or without cord.

  • The real one, thanks!

  • OMG! My girl went nuts with this. This is the gift that keeps on giving. She described as having long and intense orgasms. Definitely worth the investment. So good she had to tell her sister!

  • HANDS DOWN! They best toy a women could ask for! Loved it!

  • Still the best vibrator on the market. Pricey when bought as rechargable, but the benefits of not having a cord to deal with made it worth the price.

  • Outstanding Much better than expected for a rechargeable, Don’t hesitate buy it its worth it!!!

  • The attachments make this tool/toy very versatile. Well built easy to clean all around very satisfied with our purchase!

  • If you have had the Original wired version or one of many imitations, this thing is 1000x better at only 3x the cost.

  • Nice add on in the bedroom, being cordless is very nice!

  • A lot more options than the old version, different patterns of vibrations as well as different strengths. I would highly recommend.

  • Better than a corded one. Pulsing modes separate from speeds.

  • A classic… You can never go wrong. The updated wireless version is much appreciated.

  • Love love love the rechargeable wand. Definitely got the real deal.

  • This packs a punch! Love the fact that I can easily either use the patterns, or just plain vibrations of varying intensity without having to cycle through everything like with one button massagers.

  • Worth the price after one use. My wife wears one of these out about once a year.

  • This vibrator is POWERFUL, and well worth the money. My wife and I have tried other cheaper vibrators with mixed results.

  • The fact that its rechargeable is a huge plus. Hopefully this thing will hold up for years to come.

  • This thing sits at a foot long. Not waterproof but easily cleaned and powerful. Not for the faint of heart very much multipurpose

  • Don’t get the knockoffs. This is the one you want. Several modes and speeds. Very quiet. Worth every cent!

  • It does the job. Hands down the best one we’ve used! Would absolutely buy again.

  • The wife was skeptical in my purchasing this initially, but after the first use all skepticisms fell by the wayside!!! Best purchase ever!

  • It works like a charm. I had owned the wired version and saw this one. The wireless is just as powerful as the wired one and this one adds different massage functionality that feels good and is unique compared to the original.

  • Good battery life and not nearly as loud as the corded version we have.

  • You’ll like not having to be plugged into an outlet!

  • The best and most used toy in My toy box. Produces the most intense orgasms imaginable! Depending how you chose to apply it, can take Your partner to an unbelievable level of pleasure or border on torture… both of which are incredible.

  • Yes, it’s quite an investment – but worth it! Great vibration and speeds. Rechargeable and pretty long lasting.

  • This thing is amazing! The first time i touched my lady with she busted instantly.

  • So my fiancee has wanted one of these for ages, I finally decided to get her one for Christmas and she has stated that it cured her migraines. This is not only for pleasure but also serves as a medical device.

  • My new favorite personal massager. Is just as powerful as the corded version, but more options for vibration. Love it!

  • There are 4 solid vibration levels, and 4 vibration patterns. It runs for many hours on a single charge.

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